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Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Esthetics, LLC in Brick, NJ, is a combination of education, diet, exercise, meal replacements and nutritional supplements. Most importantly doctor supervised weight loss.

This is a medically supervised weight-loss program. It is supervised by a physician board certified in obesity medicine and internal medicine. Your PCP may not be board certified in obesity medicine and may not be familiar with the medications to effectively monitor the side effects.

A body composition analyzer will be used to determine percentage of muscle mass versus fat mass and progress of weight loss. Metabolic rate will be determined for calorie consumption. The patient will be routinely monitored by our physician.

Begin your personalized weight loss program with an initial consultation and body composition analysis followed by weekly appointments. We provide weekly assessments and educational sessions.

AMWL physical activity
Group Excercise
Initial consultation includes:
Weekly visits include:


Body Composition Analysis Every 4th week

Body Composition Analysis

Body Measurements

Body Measurements

Consultation and Evaluation

Comprehensive Medical History

Educational Sessions

Consultation and Evaluation



Vital Signs

Physical Exam


Vital Signs

Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Esthetics, LLC is different than other weight loss programs because it is multifactorial, including:

  • Education – weekly educational sessions
  • Emotional strength – support from staff to discuss                          achievements and difficulties
  • Medical supervision – every step is supervised by a                      physician

  • Nutrition – supplements and meal replacements
  • Physical fitness – exercise program specifically for            your weight loss
  • Body Composition Analysis - The InBody 570                  machine is used to measure body fat and muscle                mass

Health insurance is not accepted.